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Can Dirt Become Soil Again…?

Dr. Bryant Scharenbroch is a soil researcher at Morton Arboretum and assistant professor of soil science at University of Wisconsin. Check out this article, from Deeproot Green Infrastructure about his urban soil studies. Here’s an excerpt: “Soil in the city has no real horizons, and it contains plenty of anthropogenic

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Blight Bootcamp

Pittsburgh’s First Blight Bootcamp

[dt_sc_h6 class=””]What is Pittsburgh Blight Bootcamp? [/dt_sc_h6] November 7th was the first ever Pittsburgh Blight Bootcamp where residents, nonprofit professionals and government representatives were able to meet, mingle, and educate each other on topics surrounding the issues of vacancy and blight in the Pittsburgh region. Topics ranged from Resident Led Advocacy

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Urban Blight is too Costly to Ignore

[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_fullwidth_section backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” opacity=”” parallax=”” backgroundrepeat=”” backgroundposition=”” paddingtop=”” paddingbottom=”” textcolor=”” class=”” first] Urban blight is often associated with decay, crime and instability. Blighted property is described by the Washington Post as “a contagious affliction.” Vacancy and subsequent blight begins to spread by depreciating adjacent property values, which discourages local

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