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Green Infrastructure Atlas

3 Rivers Wet Weather has redesigned and updated the 3RWW Green Infrastructure Atlas, which is part of the RainWays toolset. The new Atlas has been built using ArcGIS Online, and now also has Allegheny County reference datasets, which include street names, parcels, municipal boundaries, aerial imagery, watershed boundaries, and hydrology lines.    Pop-up windows

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Urban Blight is too Costly to Ignore

[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_fullwidth_section backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” opacity=”” parallax=”” backgroundrepeat=”” backgroundposition=”” paddingtop=”” paddingbottom=”” textcolor=”” class=”” first] Urban blight is often associated with decay, crime and instability. Blighted property is described by the Washington Post as “a contagious affliction.” Vacancy and subsequent blight begins to spread by depreciating adjacent property values, which discourages local

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