Can Dirt Become Soil Again…?

Can Dirt Become Soil Again…?

Dr. Bryant Scharenbroch is a soil researcher at Morton Arboretum and assistant professor of soil science at University of Wisconsin. Check out this article, from Deeproot Green Infrastructure about his urban soil studies. Here’s an excerpt:

“Soil in the city has no real horizons, and it contains plenty of anthropogenic (manmade) materials. Bryant has encountered slag from iron smelting, buried original soils, burned clinkers, fly ash, construction waste, garbage fill, broken glass, wetland mucks, old foundations, and chunks of buildings. Is this even soil anymore? Not exactly. Bryant calls this material “A Harsh Dirt.”


H     Hot

I      Inert
R    Reduced
T    Tainted”

-Peter MacDonagh, Deeproot Green Infrastructure.

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