Get to know ioby

Get to know ioby

Remember the acronym “NIMBY”? That’s how sociologists and cartoonists often characterize the visceral reaction that a proposed new development (airport, power plant, strip mall, etc.) will elicit among the residents of the surrounding community: “Not in my back yard!” ioby, however, is all about empowering local projects that bring positive change to our communities (our collective “backyard”). That’s why a partnership between Lots to Love and ioby made so much sense.

Weinberger, David

ioby is the polar opposite of NIMBY, as you might have guessed, it stands for “in our back yards.” ioby is a nationwide nonprofit that supports local leaders of projects that have a positive impact on communities. ioby’s emphasis is on what they call “crowd-resourcing,” a combination of crowdfunding and resource organizing. As such, they provide a platform for crowdfunding (the pooling of small online donations for a project) as well as tools to organize volunteer time, advocacy, social networks, etc. to help grow and implement ideas that make neighborhoods safer, greener, more livable and more fun.

ioby has a great track record of success in their six year history. They have helped 596 projects raise over $2 million collectively (about $3,300 per project), and they have 300 projects underway right now. The average donation to an ioby project is $35, and most donors live on average only 2 miles from the projects they fund. Check out the Pittsburgh-based ioby projects, including a few projects by GTECH Ambassadors like Annaya. With all of this success and a thoughtful focus on local leaders, as well as ioby’s decision to open an office in Pittsburgh this spring, Lots to Love is excited to partner with ioby in order to better support our local leaders and their projects. If you’ve already found a lot to love and are working on raising funds, ioby can help!

Once you’ve consulted our resources and are ready to start fundraising, begin by filling out this form and selecting that you heard about ioby through GTECH Strategies. After you submit the form, you’ll be contacted by an ioby strategist to discuss your project and think through a timeline and best practices for fundraising. It couldn’t be easier, and you’ll be that much closer to making your lot a success!