Crowdfunding is a type of online grassroots fundraising in which small donations are given to a project via an online crowdfunding platform. To crowdfund, you and your team will need to create a campaign page for your project (like this one), and then reach out to people in your network and neighborhood to share about your project and ask for donations. After reaching your crowdfunding goal, your crowdfunding platform will give a check to the community group or non-profit you’re connected with to be used for your project. Crowdfunding is not only an awesome way of raising money for your project, but is also a powerful outreach tool. When someone donates to your project it’s more likely they will support it in the long term.

So, if all of this sounds good, but you’re just not sure how to get started, don’t worry! Lots to Love has partnered with an awesome crowdfunding platform called ioby so that people like you can get everything you need to make a successful campaign. Read on to learn more.

ioby stands for ‘in our back yards’ (the positive opposite of NIMBY – ‘not in my back yard’). ioby is a nationwide nonprofit that hosts campaigns on their crowdfunding platform, They provide special support and assistance to any Lots to Love project leader that wants to crowdfund.

When you crowdfund on ioby you can:

  • receive one-on-one fundraising support and join us for online trainings
  • collect tax-deductible donations
  • find new donors and volunteers
  • access all donor contact info
  • share your project easily on social media
  • get feedback on your project idea from your community
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