Pop Up Events

cost: low
cost: low
workload: light
workload: light
time commitment: low
time commitment: low

Pop up events use vacant lots for public events, art exhibitions, open-air restaurants, or performances. Such an event could be a way of getting neighbors together to think about what to do with a vacant space in the future, or it could simply be a one time activity.


1. Define a purpose and people to help you plan the event.

2. Choose a vacant lot to hold your event on. If the vacant lot needs to be stabilized before holding an event there, make sure to hold a pre-event work day. It may need to be mowed, have dead tree branches removed, or have trash picked-up. Check out the Clean and Green page for ideas.

3. Advertise for the event through neighbors and community organizations like churches, neighborhood groups, and businesses. Ask businesses to sponsor your event if you need some funding.

4. Prepare ahead of time to get food, music, or any other elements that you need on site. Plan games or entertainment that a variety of people can enjoy


  • Brings neighbors together
  • Can create spin-off ideas
  • Requires less time, money, and effort than a long-term project

Suitability and Considerations

  • To use a vacant lot for a pop-up-event, the qualities of the vacant lot being used will have to be considered. Check out the lot assessment page to see how different aspects of the lot will affect what activities you can carry out during the event.
  • Think about the overall purpose of your event. If, in addition to bringing neighbors together, you would like to develop ideas for the future of the vacant lot, make sure you provide activities that will help to achieve that goal.