cost: moderate
cost: moderate
workload: high
workload: high
time commitment: moderate
time commitment: moderate

Parklets, as the name suggests, are small parks, taking up anywhere from one to a handful of lots in size. Parklets may contain open space, seating, and landscaping. If your neighborhood is in need of spaces to simply spend time outdoors, a parklet may be the design concept for you.


Parklets can vary widely, so the process you need to follow will depend entirely on what you plan to do. Consider the possible layouts of your project, and make sure to engage your community in the process of designing the site.

1. Spend some time getting to know what your neighbors would like to get out of a parklet. Are they looking for a place for their kids to play? A place to read outside? Somewhere to exercise? Tailor your design to those needs.

2. Think about the overall purpose of your parklet. If, in addition to having a place for visitors to spend time outdoors, you want to attract pollinators to the plants there or provide some other environmental function, make sure you choose your plants according to that goal.

Suitability and Considerations

If you’re considering creating a parklet on your vacant lot, consider the concerns of your community in your design process. Are there children around the site? Perhaps the parklet should include open space for children to run and play games. Does your neighborhood like outdoor concerts? Perhaps a small stage would suit your community well. Parklets are often scattered, lacking a consistent design given the opportunistic nature of developing vacant parcels. However, parklets can also be created along trails or within greenways, which would allow for a more cohesive design.

To create a parklet, the qualities of the vacant lot being used will have to be considered. Check out the lot assessment page to see how different aspects of the lot will affect what plants you should grow, and where you can plant them.


  • Provides flexible space for outdoor activities
  • Increased community participation
  • Improves neighborhood appearance
  • Opportunity for cultivating native plants

Possible Materials

  • Benches
  • Mulch
  • Soil
  • Compost
  • Plants
  • Fencing