Get Permission

Whether it looks like it or not, every vacant lot has an owner. Some have public owners like the City of Pittsburgh or the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Others have private owners like individuals or community groups. If you’re not sure who owns the vacant lot you’re interested in, you can start by finding your lot on the map on the home page. Make sure the “vacant properties” check box is checked in the left-hand column, and then zoom in to your lot. When you click on the lot, some information will pop up up, including the name of the owner, and whether or not the lot has delinquent taxes.

No matter who the lot owner is, you’ll need to get permission first before working on it. If you’d like to care for the lot without purchasing it, click the ACCESS button below to see what steps to take. If you are interested in purchasing the lot, click the ACQUISITION button to learn how. Whether you’re adopting a lot or purchasing it, you’ll also need to make sure you have the correct approvals. Click the APPROVAL button to find out what you’ll need to do.